Circular Community Care provides physicals for any reason, from routine annual checkups to insurance, employment, or DOT physicals.

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woman receiving a annual physical

Annual Physicals

Annual physicals help your doctor monitor your health and, if there is an issue, to address it in its early stages. These routine physicals will assess your medical history and any concerns with your overall health, emotional wellbeing, nutrition, levels of activity, and sleep patterns.

doctor checking patients knee

Sports Physicals

Sports physicals are required by most schools prior to allowing a student to participate in a sports program. The purpose of this exam is to catch any health issue that may be exacerbated by prolonged sports activity or exercise.

doctor checking male patients eyes

DOT Physicals

A DOT physical is required to maintain a commercial motor vehicle license. These physicals include a vision and hearing test, blood pressure testing, and screening for medications or physical conditions that would prohibit the operation of a commercial motor vehicle.